Mid America Horse Rescue is the only Thoroughbred horse rescue organization that provides rehabilitation and retraining to ex-racehorses so they may lead productive lives as therapeutic animals.

For those that will become adopted, MAHR carefully matches each horse with their adoptive home, and we monitor their progress and success throughout their lives.

Our Process
By retraining Thoroughbreds, which are naturally intuitive, intelligent and athletic horses, we believe we can help transform the racing industry. Through our unique equine retraining programs, ex-racehorses become better equipped to carry out their next purpose.Mid America Horse Rescue - Can you help?

Step 1: Rescue
Although horse racing is a thriving industry in the U.S. and numerous horses are bred annually to compete, nothing protects the lives of these noble creatures once they stop winning.

Step 2: Rehabilitate
Fresh off the track, ex-racehorses enter our facility, slowly learn how to be a horse again and adjust to the herd. Each receives one-on-one attention to heal injuries they may have incurred from their racing days.

Step 3: Retrain
We use natural horsemanship training, based on equine-inspired body language, to build a solid foundation and trust between the horse and rider. We begin on the ground, teaching the horse how to respect personal space. Then we lead the horse through body movement exercises critical to safety and direction later in the saddle. After the horse masters groundwork, we start refining.

How to Help
Support is needed to help rescue, rehabilitate and retrain these beloved creatures. You can help by:

  • Sponsoring a horse. Contact Margo Sutter, MAHR president, to learn more via
  • Volunteering. Contact Sandy Swift, MAHR volunteer coordinator, to learn more via


Help Create A Legacy